Domino Addition and Subtraction

Hi friends! I am loving my class this year and having a blast at my new school. I just wanted to share a quick little freebie with you to get your week started off with a bang!  

I just got these foam dominos from Teacher Created Resources:

I put 12 foam dominos (I love that the foam dominos make ZERO noise if they drop them...can anyone say OCD?!)  in each baggie and made about 12 sets of them (I have my students share one bag). 

You can really have your students play with the dominos in a million ways!  If they are just starting out with addition, maybe have them draw the dots and count them.  If they know how to count on, just have them count the dots on the domino and write the numbers in the boxes.  

For the subtraction, it's a great practice for them to always remember to put the biggest number at the top!  Then I have them count back to find the difference. 


Owls and Lessons, Etc. said...

Thanks for sharing! This will be great in my math stations as a review.

Owls & Lessons, Etc.

Positively Learning said...

Thank you so much! I bought the cutest dominoes from Rite Aid, of all places! They have different colors for each part. I love using dominoes because I can differentiate for each student - passing out different blocks. Thanks for the recording page - cute! Jen :)

Lory said...

From one OCD friend to another OCD friend... foam dominoes are a spectacular idea ;)

Miss Foote said...

This is super! I need to go get foam dice....and change to multiplication!
Chickadee Jubilee

Lynn said...

thank you for sharing. I like a lot of what I see out in blogger land and on teachers pay teachers but I also see a lot of fluff and cutesy that leave you with a recording sheet with room for maybe 3 problems it seems . I think these work mats are fantastic!

Sarah Paul said...

I need those foam dominoes! The click, click, click of dominoes gets louder and louder with my age. Ha! The more foam we can get during math, the better.:) Thank you for the freebie Rachelle! I love using dominoes in math! So glad to hear you are enjoying your new school. can't wait to hear more about it!

candy crush saga said...

Domino là một cách học toán khá tốt cho trẻ, chúng tôi có thể giải quyết vấn đề nhanh hơn. Tuy nhiên, trước khi dạy chúng tôi cách tính bằng Domino phương pháp, tôi dạy chúng tôi bản chất của những phép toán trước!

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