Domino Addition and Subtraction

Hi friends! I am loving my class this year and having a blast at my new school. I just wanted to share a quick little freebie with you to get your week started off with a bang!  

I just got these foam dominos from Teacher Created Resources:

I put 12 foam dominos (I love that the foam dominos make ZERO noise if they drop them...can anyone say OCD?!)  in each baggie and made about 12 sets of them (I have my students share one bag). 

You can really have your students play with the dominos in a million ways!  If they are just starting out with addition, maybe have them draw the dots and count them.  If they know how to count on, just have them count the dots on the domino and write the numbers in the boxes.  

For the subtraction, it's a great practice for them to always remember to put the biggest number at the top!  Then I have them count back to find the difference. 

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