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I love to use poems as my shared readings during my Daily 5 mini-lessons.  Last week we were memorizing the poem "The Chubby Snowman" and my students had a genius idea! They said we should write some fun things that we could use for the snowman's nose since it was eaten by the bunny.  THEY IS THO THO THMART! :)

So, that's what we did!  It was a little too simple of a writing (aka: fill in the blank) for my students, but they wanted to do it right then... so I whipped up a little something.  I think that maybe next week we'll write a narrative story about how they got their new nose.


We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

This made me giggle! I am so using this in my classroom! THANKS BUNCHES ~ Amber Kindergarten Rocks Blog

Steph said...

I didn't like poetry much growing up, except the unit in 5th grade when we did limericks and was published in the school paper (literary section). I love teaching it though! Especially when discussing imagery, our thoughts & feelings, and creation!

Love this activity! I love seeing how one poem can be interpreted different ways.

Fishing for Education Blog

Jodi said...

Such an adorable poem!
Fun In First

Positively Learning said...

We don't have Shared Reading in 1st grade, but I sneak it into all my reading interventions :) This is adorable - thank you!! Jen

Natalie Kay said...


KaSandra said...

This poem makes me happy! Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Griffith said...

EEK! This was our poem for the week too. Your kids are so smart. Tell them I'm using this for my kiddos next Tuesday morning! Thanks for sharing friend : )

For the Love of First Grade

Unknown said...

I love your idea for students to create their own nose. I agree poems are great to share with your students. I am currently in a Children's Literature Class and asked to create a poem about the importance of sharing books and reading:
Big Books
Little Books
all kinds inbetween
Sharing is the key
Fairy tale, Classic, Legend
will you read with me?

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