Appreciate Your Substitute!

Let me tell you, I've had the opportunity to substitute in other classrooms and it is HARD WORK.  Yes, it's all planned out for it planned out that in a blink of an eye things could go horribly wrong? HA! I know it's a little dramatic, but it is possible. I appreciate my substitutes because I know that as much as I train my students to treat him/her like they would treat me, I know they are still trying to push their boundaries.

Anyway, it got me thinking that it would be nice to leave my sub a little something to say thanks.  I posted my idea on our Instagram  (@whattheteacherwants) and many of you said you'd love to have this in your classroom. ya go!

Aside from a pack of gum or maybe even some mint chapstick, I give my substitute another gift...DETAILED lesson plans, schedule, notes, organized substitute binder, etc.  YAY!
And to get you organized... I have this little guy for ya. :)

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