Are Your Students Superheroes?

We've been really trying to work on having a close school-community.  I just want my students to be good people.  Yes...I care about teaching them their math facts, phonics skills, remembering to put a period at the end of their sentence, etc. etc. etc.  BUT, I really want my students to be kind to one another and to always go out of their way to do the right thing.  So... here's what we did. We compared ourselves to superheroes.

Naturally. ;)

We brainstormed characteristics of our favorite superheroes.  Then, we compared them to how we can be.  How can we be strong? Kind? Helpful?

Then, my students wrote how they can be everyday superheroes!
Oh my word... do you LOVE the magnetic strips that are framing out our writing page?
I also ADORE these direction pictures from A Cupcake For the Teacher!

I had to hang this writing up because my students BLEW me away! Luckily, I had the cutest superhero-themed bulletin board from Teacher Created Resources.

I know... I know... you have border envy, right? This cute chevron/stripe/polka dot border is from Teacher Created Resources, too (I heart them)!

I'm also loving that clipart from Creative Clips!

{Click the picture to download}

I'm loving Teacher Created Resources' new Chalkboard and Superhero themes!  

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Wow! This is really inspiring! I loved the idea and how your students developed it :D Thanks for sharing!!!

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