What's a Floppy Disk?

Hey, friends! Natalie here and I have a true story about what happened today in my computer lab...

I don't know why this shocked me or why I thought this was so funny, but it never occurred to me that my students didn't know what a floppy disk was. I've been telling them all year that they can either save their documents by clicking "file" and "save" or use the shortcut by just clicking on the floppy disk icon.

Today a sixth grade boy finally asked, "Mrs. C, what's a floppy disk?" And some other kids in the class said, "Yeah, what's a floppy disk?"

Needless to say, it's time for some computer history lessons!
(If the sixth graders don't know, I'm sure my younger students don't know either.)

Have you seen this Youtube video? It's called Kids React to Old Computers and it is quite hilarious! 

Do you have any other great resources or videos you've used to teach your students about technology? If so, please pass them my way!

Do you have any similar stories?
Have you ever been surprised by something 
your students didn't know about?
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