My #1 Secret for Effective Literature Circles

When I started teaching 5th grade, I was very excited to start my first round of literature circle groups. I divided my students into groups based on their reading levels, selected exciting titles for each group, and assigned jobs to each student. 

As soon as we got started, I realized that my students were not as excited about these groups as I was. I gathered a reading group around my table, but I noticed that so many students at other groups around my room were not on task. They weren't reading along and their eyes were not following along in their books either.

What went wrong?

My students were not engaged. And the reason they weren't engaged was because they were only paying attention when it was their turn to read or their turn to do their job. I started brainstorming how I could help these students focus better on their books and on their groups, and I came up with this Literature Circle Booklet. Instead of one person having a different job, all of a sudden they all had the same jobs and they could work together, and they needed to listen and pay attention to each part of the story.

Immediately, after implementing these booklets, I saw the engagement in my classroom turn around! My students were enjoying their groups, getting into the story, having fun filling out each page in their booklets. And at the end, they have a beautiful piece of work filled with the important parts of their literature circle books! 

The transformation in my classroom and in my students was amazing! 

So, here is my  
 Literature Circle Reading and Comprehension Activity Booklet. This is one of my very best sellers in my TPT store and hundreds of other teachers have given me kind feedback about this product telling me how much they love it and how much it has improved the literature circles in their classrooms!

If you don't own it, but would like to see more: Please click <<HERE>> to read more about it in my store. This is a literature circle life saver because it helps keeps students on task and keeps them accountable for their learning and participation in their groups!

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