My Favorite St. Patrick's Day Writing

Every year we write a Leprechaun Application and my students are obsessed!  They all want to be a leprechaun. I love using holiday themes to integrate into our writing because my students become so engaged in it.  

After we fill out our application, it's time for the "essay" portion of the application process.  I have my students write an opinion piece on why they would make a good leprechaun.  They have to have an opening sentences, 2 reasons, and a closing sentence.  They turn out SO cute!

You can grab this writing activity and TONS of other core aligned items in my St. Patrick's Day unit!  I've made it 20% off for the next 2 days!


Rae said...

This is so fun! I love the real-world feeling they probably get when they're filling out an "application" :) I just created a new blog, and although I don’t have much up yet, I’d love it if you stopped by sometime (:


online copywriting said...

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Anonymous said...

Lucky Patcher

Anonymous said...

Wow, i love this writing activity and i will surely goona apply this with my students too. Also you can do my book report to write your quality task, this is a good way to engage our students and do something new with them. They also love it for sure.

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