Addition/Subtraction Fact Families with Big Daddy!

I laugh every time I have my students say "Big Daddy".  Well, duh. Don't you know who he is? He is the biggest number in our fact family! We named all three numbers in my classroom and it helped my students understand the relationship between addition and subtraction SO WELL!

I'm not going to lie... I used to HATE teaching fact families (as in a few short weeks ago).  See?

But, I figured if I was going to dislike it, I might as well try to make it a little more fun for next year!

So... this came about!

In this pack you will find:

Fact Family Explanation Poster
Big Daddy Poster
Middle Momma Poster
Tiny Tot Poster
Find My Home {Game with playing cards}
Fact Family Photo Album Activity
Fact Family House Practice Page
Triangle Trivia Fact Families Practice Page
Fact Family Dice Practice Page
Snowman Fact Family Practice Page

Use this pack to introduce your students to the relationship between addition and subtraction!


Kirsten said...

Aw! That is so dang cute. What a great idea.

Sally said...

No way! I've been calling that greatest number the "Big Daddy" for years! I'm glad I'm not the only one! (Isn't it amazing how those little stories "stick"?)

Sally from Elementary Matters

Unknown said...

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Hania said...

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