All About Water!

Teach your students about the water cycle, sink and float, bodies of water, bubbles, and more!
This is one of my FAVORITE thematic units to teach at the end of the year.  Just as you are about to get burned out... the Water Unit comes and saves the day (plus you end the week with a Bubble Day)!
This unit is PERFECT at the end of the year.  It's warm outside, the classroom is muggy and you're just about ready to be finished... it's the perfect time for a unit all about water. Not only is this unit fun, but it is the perfect integration of science, language arts, and even a little math.

This Includes:
Water Cycle Headband Craft
Water Cycle Map
Water Cycle Fill In
Precipitation Posters
Solid, Liquid, Gas Demonstration (with recording sheet)
Bodies of Water Passage (rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds-with vocab cards)
Ice Experiment (with recording sheet)
Water Smelling Experiment (with recording sheet)
Boat-Sink or Float (with recording sheet)
Favorite Water Activity (graph, data analysis, and opinion writing)
How to Have a Water Fight (writing)
Bubble Day Note
Bubble Day Homemade Bubble Recipe
Homemade Bubble Science Experiment (with recording sheet)
Bubble Factory (narrative writing)
Bubbles Cinquain Poem (planning sheet and writing page)
Bubble Art Directions
Bubble Poetry Walk (with original poem)
Double Bubble (math game with doubles facts)

Click {here} to check it out!

Here's one of my favorite activities from the pack:

And add the new GoNoodle video from Blazer Fresh on the Water Cycle! SO FUN!


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