100's Day Book for the 100th Day of School!

One of my favorite days of the year! The 100th day of school! I don't know what teacher thought "You know what would be fun? If we made the 100th day of school a big deal?" Well whoever you are, teacher out there, I SALUTE YOU! I love 100's day!

Some of my favorite ideas for 100th day:
*Trail Mix
*Fruit Loop Necklaces 
*100's Headbands
*Dressing up 100 yeas old
*Decorating the classroom
*100th Day Capes
*Collect 100 things (from home)

Need something simple, fun, and engaging for your K-2 kiddos on 100's day? With just a click, print  and a staple in the left corner?! You've got it here in this 100's Day Book

It's simple enough students can work on it on their own, but also tied to the curriculum (reading, writing, and math). You can work on one or two pages each day, not even make it into a book (use the pages individually) or you can use the whole book on the 100th day! It's up to you! 
The book can be up to 19 pages (including the cover).

I've differentiated many of the pages as well. There is a kinder version, 1st grade version and 2nd grade version!


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