Science Experiments

Every year around Halloween time Ashlee and I do REALLY fun dry ice experiments with our 1st graders.  We talk about the scientific process and the students make really good hypothesis' on what they think might happen with each experiment.  Here is what you do:

You need about 3 pounds of dry ice, gloves, and a hammer to get started.

This experiment you warm up a quarter in your hands and stick it in the dry ice.  It makes the quarter dance and it also makes a buzzing sound! We call it dancing quarters!

If you add a piece of dry ice in a film canister, put the lid on, and shake it- the pressure causes the lid to fly off!  The kids LOVE this one.

If you add water and soap in a cup with a chunk of dry ice, it will bubble up and overflow.  Then, if you pop the bubbles, the dry ice smoke comes out.  You can also add food coloring.

By putting a piece of dry ice inside of a balloon, the balloon blows up!

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