Civil War Online Resources

I was able to attend a great training today all about slavery, the Civil War and reconstruction. One of the presenters shared some online resources that are interactive and fun for students. Instead of writing the websites down down on a sticky note where I'll never be able to find them again, I thought I'd post them on here so you {and I} will be able to find them when it's time to teach about this time in history.

1. Mission US - Interactive Simulation Game

2. National Geographic Underground Railroad - Interactive Learning Activity

And.... in honor of President's Day...

And... Just because I know you all like free downloads! Here's a copy of the Gettysburg Address for you to download. I've bolded and underlined the parts that I feel should be read with extra annunciation. Tell students to speak with power and conviction when reading it aloud. You may possibly challenge students to memorize the entire Gettysburg Address, or at least the very first sentence. 
(Click HERE to download!)

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