February? Really?

February Ideas:

Here's our free ideas that we have as printables on our blog that you can find {here}:

I'll also be doing these centers that you can find {here} in my TpT store:

P.S. if you already bought my V-day centers, there was one TINY change on page 44. It said "Who is your name" and now I fixed it to say "What is your name".  :) So....go re-download in your "my purchases". LOVE YA!

Alsooooo.... Can't forget the Presidents!

President's Day and U.S. Symbols Unit

*UPDATED January 20th, 2017 
(Now includes President Trump)
This President's Day and U.S. Symbols unit is a great unit to celebrate America {available in color and black/white}!  
This unit includes:

*President Lincoln Poster
*President Washington Poster
*President Obama Poster 
*President Trump Poster
*Tree Map
*Graphic Organizers
*President Application
*President Picture {___ for President}
*If I Were the President Writing
*Dear President Trump
*U.S. Symbols book {includes 10 U.S. Symbols}
*U.S. Symbols Student Book
*Asking/Telling Literacy Center
*Hot Seat Vocabulary Game
*The Presidential Race {Graphing Math Center}
*Count Them Up! {Money Math Center}
*Class President {Tallying Math Center}
*Abe's Hat {Could be used as a writing center or whole group}
*President Washington Craft and Writing Activity
*President Lincoln Craft and Writing Activity
*President's Day Word Search

There's lots in this unit! So click [here] to check it out! 

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