I know you want to know...

I know you want to know if you won our giveaway!  But listen, if you didn't win you can contact my Thirty-One Independent Consultant Liz:  ekedwards4@gmail.com or visit her site {here}.

Here are the winners {I'll be contacting you both *soon*}:

Wait!!! There's more!
If you STILL think you have a chance of winning a bag, fear no more!  
You have one more chance to win! 
One of my bloggy friends, Melanie is having a Thirty-One giveaway on her blog! YAY!
  Head over there 

WAIT!  The fun isn't over!!!!  I want to tell you about a FABULOUS blog!  
Have you been over to Heather's 
Heart?  Ohmyword. She's the most sweet thing EVER! 
She gives away tons of freebies and has some 
fabulous ideas.  I just love her and her blog! You have to check out her math games.
AND...she's giving away one of these super CUTE shirts!  You get to customize it!

She's also giving away 2 units from my TpT store and a music CD to use in 
your classroom! WOW!!!

Head over to Heather's Heart and join in on the fun!

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