Common Core and You {Part 4}

I've got some freebies for ya!

Here's just a quick post showing you the posters I've made the past couple of months that align with the Common Core.  I hang these in my classroom and my students use them all the time to refer to!

Have you noticed your kiddos struggling with this concept?

I made the posters and a little word work game to go along with the three sounds of "ed".

Punctuation is such a tough one. Kids are using periods on every other word, question marks where there should be exclamation points and sometimes there' punctuation at all.

I made these posters that I have in my classroom all year. At the beginning of the year, when I'm teaching about expression, I use the worksheets so that we can practice reading with expression in response to punctuation {just like the common core says I have to}.

These FREE posters are aligned with the 1st grade Common Core, but can be used in K-3.

This one's available in my TpT store for FREE!

Do you see how I spend my Friday nights? WINNER! :)

Some frames courtesy of
Some frames courtesy of
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