Teacher Mamas!

Dear Teacher-Mamas,

I know life as a teacher-mama is tough work. I know you come home from school completely exhausted, but still somehow manage to find the energy to make dinner for your family, play with your kids, take them to piano lessons and soccer practice, help them with their own homework, put them in the tub, do the whole bedtime routine, and then kiss your kids goodnight. I know that on Monday and Tuesday this job doesn't seems so hard, but by Thursday and Friday, you can hardly keep your eyes open through dinner.

This post is dedicated to all the mamas (and daddies...) in the world who have to juggle two very important jobs: teaching your 20-30+ students and loving your own little darlings.

I send my love to everyone who has ever done any of the following:
  • Woken up long before the sun comes up to get yourself and your kids ready and out the door, and still managed to make it to work on time.
  • Waited until the kids are all in bed before you start grading the math assessments.
  • Dropped crying and screaming kids off at the daycare provider.
  • Was awoken at 4 am due to a sick child and immediately got to work writing sub plans so you could spend the day at home.
  • Ever had a sitter bail on you last minute and ended up taking your kids to work with you until you could find someone to come pick them up.

And some extra special love goes out to all the pregnant mamas who have ever:
  • Thrown up in a school garbage can at work. (Bonus points if you've ever done this in front of your students.)
  • Taught a full day during the worst bought of morning sickness. 
  • Scheduled all your doctor appointments on school holidays or after 4 pm.
  • Spent the whole day on your feet teaching ON (or after) your due date! 
  • Had your water break AT school.
  • Had to leave your brand new baby for the first time after returning from maternity leave. (Worst feeling ever!)
  • Hid in a closet during recess and/or lunch while pumping. 

And I'm sending ALL my thoughts, prayers, and love to anyone who has ever:
  • Dealt with any sort of infertility issues.
  • Gone through a miscarriage. 
  • Had to bury a child.
  • Dealt with sorrow and grief in any form while putting on a happy face in front of your students. 

The biggest reason I wanted to write this post is just to say THANK YOU! Your administration might not always appreciate you, your teammates might not have a clue about the heartache you're going through, the parents of your students might not always be understanding... but I, for one, am so thankful for the sacrifices that you all make on a daily basis.

Teaching is by far the greatest profession. Keep up the great work!

Love Always,
-What the Teacher Wants
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