The Handwriting House

I teach my students each year about the "Handwriting House".  All of the letters have a special place in the house. I teach them this little poem:

Then, I print the cards on cardstock and send them home as bookmarks! They even like to teach their parents a thing or two about handwriting. Perhaps I should share this with my husband?

No, we are not learning our ABC's in 1st grade, but we ARE learning how to properly form our letters.  I am very strict with my students with handwriting starting on day 1. It helps them make it a habit. If I can't read their writing, we will both struggle all year!  They end up feeling so proud about their handwriting. Of course the Handwriting Fairy helps, too. ;)

You can download the poster and bookmark {here}.

For more handwriting ideas you can click {here} and scroll down past this post and you'll see tons of other ideas. 

How do you teach handwriting?

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