Christmas Traditions!

I'm linking up with Michelle from Fabulous in First for a fun Christmas Linky Party about Christmas!! {Warning - this is not teaching related, just a way to get to know a little bit more about me, my family, and a few of our favorite Christmas traditions!}
- Natalie -

To get started, I want to share this cute Christmas pic of my little girl!
Last year for Christmas, my husband Santa got me some photography equipment which included a set of studio lights. It's taken me about a year to figure out how to use them correctly, but with the help of Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop Elements, I managed to get this beautiful picture of my little daughter!

Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog?

Hot chocolate is one of my favorite things about the cold winter months! We have a cute little bakery in Utah called Kneaders that has the BEST truffle hot chocolate, and I love having my Cocomotion at home!

Does Santa Wrap Presents or Put Them Under the Tree?

We definitely wrap presents at our house. In fact, I have a little tradition of my own of watching The Holiday while wrapping all of my Christmas presents. Of course, if there's anything too big or too awkward to wrap, Santa just places it under the tree. (Sometimes my parents would hide large presents around the house and we had to find them, kind of like an Easter egg hunt.)

Colored Lights or White?

I actually don't like multi-colored lights at Christmas. I prefer white, although I also like red and green colored lights too.

When do you decorate?

I always like to decorate the day after Thanksgiving. This year we were out of town so we decorated two days after Thanksgiving. I think decorating for Christmas is magical and I love to blast Christmas music, drink hot chocolate, and watch a fun Christmas movie with my kids.

Real or Fake Tree?

I had a real tree once or twice while growing up, but ever since I've been married and had my own family, we've always done a fake, pre-lit tree. I actually do prefer real trees because I love the smell... maybe next year we will do a real tree!

What Tops Your Tree?

This year we have a great big white sparkly bow.

Favorite Christmas Memory or Tradition?

My current favorite tradition is going to a special Breakfast with Santa event in my hometown. They have a huge breakfast buffet and activities for the kids like face painting and cookie decorating. Then, each family gets to go to the private santa room to sit on Santa's lap and take pictures. My favorite thing about it is that there is no waiting in line to see Santa. It makes it really personalized and it's perfect for little kids.
My 3 year old LOVED Santa this year! He was even willing to give him a little kiss on the cheek.

And how about this one? I'm not sure whose face is better - Allie's or Santa's... haha! Needless to say, Allie was not a fan of St. Nick. 

Favorite Gift as a Child?

This will probably sound silly, but the most memorable gift I remember is getting my first CD player. I took it straight to my bedroom with my new CDs, pulled out the music sleeve, opened up to the lyrics, and sang every single song over and over. Kind of funny, but it's the present I remember most.

Do You Prefer Giving or Receiving?

I love buying Christmas presents for other people - especially my kids! This year, I couldn't even think of anything I really wanted. Everything I seem to want is either cute clothes for my kids, more hair bows for my daughter, and fun girlie gifts for my sisters.

Favorite Christmas Song?

Hum... this is a tough one! In church my favorite is Angles We Have Heard on High, and my favorite fun Christmas song is probably Santa Baby.

Candy Canes - Yuck or Yum?

I actually do like candy canes, but I'm not sure I would really buy them for myself as a treat. I do, however, love peppermint flavored candy and treats. On Sunday, I made this really yummy chocolate peppermint budnt cake. It was yummy!

Favorite Christmas Movie?

I already mentioned, I love watching The Holiday. It's the perfect Christmas chick-flick!

Do You Shop Online or In Store?

This year I did most of my Christmas shopping online. I love being an Amazon Prime member and ordered lots of my gifts from there. I also ordered from, Pick Your Plum, and Valshi Boutique. I did do some in store shopping on Black Friday too. I hit up Carter's, Gap, Old Navy, and Target.

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