Resumes for Children {And a Lunch Date}

Have you heard about the website Resumes for Children

Resumes for Children is a website designed to help parents get their children prepared and on track to enter college. They suggest that all students beginning in the younger grades and up until 17 years of age can benefit from having their own resume. 

They also offer these resources to help parents:

We appreciate Resumes for Children for being a current sponsor of What the Teacher Wants! Please take a minute to check out their website.

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*  *  * 

A few weeks ago, during our Christmas break, we were invited to meet up with some of our friends who are also Utah teacher bloggers. We met for a fun lunch date at the Cheesecake Factory (total yum!) up at the new City Creek Mall in Salt Lake.

How cute are these favors that Nikki made? She is a doll!!

Group shot of all of us.

It was a great time and we're so glad we had this opportunity to hang out with some of our Utah blogging friends!
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