Martin Luther King Day!

We've been learning all about Dr. King!  We always start off with this book:

Martin Luther King Junior Portraits:
I just have to share these because they are so great! I have done them the past 4 years.   Even though it is a template for the kids to cut out, all of the Dr. King's portraits came out differently!  I'm not huge on cutting and pasting art projects, but these are so worth it. Do you have the book, "Martin's Big Words"?  It is a FANTASTIC and touching book.

I don't have the pattern for you, but I did find it for sale {here}

I'm not sure what happened to Dr. King's other eye! This is the joy of 1st grade teaching!  

I Have a Dream Writing:

I was inspired by all of the fabulous activities on the Primary Prospective blog for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I made this "I have a dream" paper so it could fit black and white pictures of my students (I wanted it to look like it was from Dr. King's era). The students had to write a dream they have and it must help others/world in some way.  Click here for that.  Here is my example (for privacy reasons, I cannot show pictures of my students).
Clipart and/or fonts copyright DJ Inkers.

MLK Booklets:
As we learn about Dr. King, we also learn many different vocabulary words. We write about the new things we learn in a Dr. King Booklet. You can get that booklet {here}


Click the picture to check it out!

 Here are some great web site links:
Brainpop Jr. (search Martin Luther King Jr. and they have a great video posted) {you must have a membership...but it's a to your principal).
Youtube has a great video that shows parts of his "I have a dream speech".

Oh and if you're in the upper-grades, don't forget Natalie's pack!

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