All About Eggs!

We've been learning ALL about oviparous animals this last week. Honestly I've never taught a unit like this before (we are usually off track), so I had nothing in my arsenal.  I'm SO SO glad I have the amazing resources of  Seriously, y'all. THANKFUL for talented teachers who share their stuff!

1. Poem- It's to the tune of Three Blind Mice {From: Deedee Wills and can be found here}

2. Lifecycle Craft {From: I Heart Crafty Things}

3.  Frog lifecycle headband- You can't see it, but the whole lifecycle is around the headband. My students wore these for 3 days straight! {From: Amy Lemons' Frogs and Butterflies Unit}

4. Egg Hunt- This one was an activity we did for Fun Friday. It's a following directions/reading type of activity.  There is a black/white coloring picture that you copy for each student (I enlarged it to 11X17 paper).  Then, there are little cards that fit inside eggs with instruction as to what to draw/color on their page. I hid the eggs around the classroom and my students hunted for them, read the card, followed the directions and then put the egg back into the hiding spot. My students loved it!

You can get the Easter Egg Hunt from Janae Van Orman {here}

And don't forget about this behavior incentive for next week!

You can read more about it {here}

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