GoNoodle's Back to School Blogger Blitz!

I'm a HUGE fan of GoNoodle. Maybe I have a slight crush on the men of Koo Koo Kangaroo. ;)
I'm not sure how I used to survive without GoNoodle.  Well... I guess I do.  At the beginning of this school year, our district accidentally blocked GoNoodle so we could not access it.  I about CRIED!  FINALLY, they unblocked it because DUH- we need it!  It's the best way I can get my students moving, stretching, and popsikoing in the comfort of our own classroom. 

What is GoNoodle, you ask? GoNoodle.com is pretty amazing!  It's a compilation of FREE brain breaks you can use in your classroom.

Tips for GoNoodling

1. Built-in GoNoodle Time
I have a built-in GoNoodle time in our classroom.  It's right after snack and before we start our writing block. GoNoodle is the perfect way to get my students moving, but my students never end the video all crazy (I know some teachers worry about it making their students go off the wall).  My kiddos know when the video is over, it's over. 

2. Getting the Wiggles Out
You can see it happening right before your eyes.  No one is listening at the carpet.  Student #1 is poking Student #2 with a wood chip they found on the floor.  Student #3 is "trying" to tie her shoes.  How in the world did Student #4 crawl under that desk without me noticing?
That's your cue to STOP and do a GoNoodle Brain Break. The best part is, there are quick videos or a little bit longer ones.  There's a brain break for every occasion. I promise, when your students go back to the carpet to listen to you, they will be ready to learn! All wiggles GONE.

3. Get Your Swag On
I can't wait to get some GoNoodle pencils to give out to students in our prize box!   They love all the GoNoodle Swag... especially when it has their favorite Champ on it (Oogles Fitzlemon) and GoNoodle has everything you need to stuff your prize box with! You can save 15% off NOW through September 11th just for our viewers! Enter code:  BTSwithGoNoodle
I've been eyeing this shirt and I pulled the trigger JUST NOW!  What a great deal:

4. Participate With Them
GoNoodle with your kids! They will LOVE IT and so will you. Most of you know that I'm a Jazzercise instructor (when will they have Jazzercise brain breaks?!?!?) so I love to dance with my kiddos.  I'll even do some yoga with Maximo.  I WILL NOT Kitty High-Five though.  hahahahhaaha!

I posted this video last year, but I though you might want to relive it. HAHAHA!
I had to show you how much fun their Brain Breaks are. Try not to laugh too hard!
 (P.S. I'm totally repping my What the Teacher Wants t-shirt that Natalie bought me for Christmas)...

Want to get YOUR swag on? 

  Head to our Facebook and tell us your favorite GoNoodle video (with your email) on our GoNoodle T-shirt FB post! If you haven't GoNoodled, but still want to enter the giveaway, just comment with how you will use GoNoodle in your class once you sign up!

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