The Final Countdown!

I have a lot of days left of school. Maybe 25 or something.  It sounds like soooo long (yay for year-round school)!  A few years ago, I asked some friends of mine if they'd send me some pictures of their students using my This Year Was Out of This World {End of Year Activities}.  As I was looking back at posts on our blog, I found these and wanted to share them again!
Thank you to:
Janae {The Sharpened Pencil}
Stephanie {Falling into First}

This one is an activity called "Moon Balloon with Memory Book". Stephanie hung her balloons from the ceiling and at the end of the day, one lucky {on task} student gets to pop the balloon! Inside of the balloon is a question about their school year and they answer in their Memory Book!

Great writing samples!

 This next one is from the "Moon Pie Taste Test":

What cute bulletin boards!!!

Well, I'm still in school until July 2nd (year round), but I know some of my cute friends around the country are counting down their last days! I hope this one can help you.  It's a fun one, for sure.  Who doesn't want to have a MOON balloon countdown in their classroom?!?!

I've made a packet that is full of end of the year fun!  This alien/space themed packet has lots of fun activities for you and your kiddos to take a walk down memory lane and then get ready for the next year!

Included in this packet:

* This grade was out of this world {writing}

*My teacher is a star {writing}

*Blast off to ___ grade! {writing}

*Blast off to ___ grade questionnaire {writing}

*Blast off craft
*Alien headband craft
*Was this year over the moon? {survey and graph}
* I spy a moon pie! {spelling and/or sight word practice}
*Moon Pie, Moon Walk {poetry walk}
*Moon Pie taste test {graphing}
*Stars bubble map
*Stars informational writing
*Moon bubble map
*Moon informational writing
*Pop the Moon Balloon with memory book

My favorite activity:

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