3rd Grade Guided Reading Mini-Lessons

Does guided reading in 3rd grade seem daunting or maybe even boring? Or maybe you catch yourself doing the same thing every day? Are you ready for a switch? The 3rd grade team at my school is LEGIT and I idolize them (second only to my team, of course). SO... I teamed up with one of my favorite 3rd grade teacher-friends Brittany and we made this 236 page pack JUST FOR OUR 3RD GRADE FRIENDS! She's going to use it lots in her classroom and I know you will too. I actually had some super high 1st grade readers who could have benefitted from this last year.

This pack is full of ideas to help you plan for your guided reading mini-lessons for 3rd grade. These lessons are perfect for your small group, but many can be used in whole group!  This goes great with the Common Core State Standards and goes with ANY book (informational and narrative).  Included in this pack:

Narrative Spinner
Informational Spinner
Narrative Story Board
Informational Story Board
Comprehension Question Rings
Questioning Necklaces
First, Then, Next, Last
Making Connections Posters
Informational Text Feature Posters
Comprehension Questions {Graphic Organizer}
KWL  {Graphic Organizer}
Venn Diagram {Graphic Organizer}
Question Words {Graphic Organizer}
Sequencing Events{Graphic Organizer}
A Story Takes Flight {Graphic Organizer}
Author's Point of View {Graphic Organizer}
Cause and Effect {Graphic Organizer}
Moral of the Story {Graphic Organizer}
Book Club
-Job Card
-Book Club Bookmark
-Book Club Booklet
Making Inferences Task Cards

*Word Work/Phonics*
Consonant Blend Chart {for remediation}
Spelling Pattern Chart {for remediation}
Spelling Pattern Posters {for remediation}
Vowel Chart {for remediation}
Consonant Digraph Chart {for remediation}
Vowel team Fill-In {for remediation}
Decoding Word Questions
Decoding Word Bookmarks
Word Parts Posters (prefix, suffix, root)
-re, un, dis, pre, mis, er, est, ful, less, able
Word Part Riddle Board Game
Word Stairs Game
Multi-syllable Freeze
Monster Munch Game

EARS Posters (expression, accuracy, rate, smoothness)
Fluency Rubric
Fluency Self Rubric
Silly Voices Cards
Sight Word Zap
Fry Phrases {Remediation} (8 lists)

New Word {Graphic Organizer}
Super Word {Graphic Organizer}
Word Wizard Poster
Word Wizard Book
New Word Fold and Cut

Teach Kinder or 1st Grade? 

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