Behavior Management

Management in the classroom is a crucial part of a classrooms feeling of community. It is important to have enough structure in the classroom where each student is able to learn, but also where they have enough freedom for choice and are able to manage their own time.  I love positive reinforcement.  Probably about 30 times a day I say things like "I love how "student name" is standing in line." or "Look how great "student name" is doing on their work."  All of the other students just thrive for me to say something to me.  I try to say something positive out loud to the class at least once to each student a day.  I don't just limit it to my students. I make sure to positively recognize  any student in any grade that I see following the school expectations.  :)
Here are some motivators I use:
*Table points -I watch for tables doing things quick, quietly, or nicely. At the end of the week the winner gets a special prize.
*Brownie points- This is a whole group behavior management.  They can earn a brownie when they are quiet, working nicely, helping each other, etc. Click {here} to see more.
*Behavior Hole Punch- If a student has stayed on a green card all day (I use the green, yellow, red pull card system) then at the end of the day the can get a hole bunch on their behavior chart.  After 220 hole punches, they get a class applause and a prize from the drawer. To download my behavior hole punch, click {here}.
*Power Pellets -Anytime I call out "Power Position" the students have to stop what they are doing, fold their arms, and look at me.  The first one to do so quietly will get a Power Pellet (aka, one skittle). You can download a cover for the power pellets {here}.
Power Pellets (skittles) jar.

*Smarty Pants tickets -If I catch a student doing something great, I will give them a ticket and at the end of the week I draw 5 from the Smarty Pants and those winners get to pick from my prize drawer.  Then we start over next week.  Here is what one Smarty Pants ticket looks like.  I always announce: "John is getting a Smarty Pants ticket because he was so nice to help another student pick up their crayons".   The student puts their name on in and puts it in the Smarty Pants (I actually have a bowl that is shaped like pants).

Click {here} to download the smarty pants tickets

This is where the students put their ticket. My student teacher gave it to me! It's from the game, Ants in My Pants!

Thank you to my mentor teacher in my Student Teaching who gave me the "Smarty Pants" ticket idea.  A shout out to my elementary school's 1st grade team who introduced me to "Power Position" and "Power Pellets".  Way cute!

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Mrs. C said...

Now I know what to do with the old Ants in the Pants!

Matthew Simberg said...

Hi, I teach in a Montessori classroom. I think your ideas are good in a traditional setting. Very creative and overall probably fun for the children. I would love to see what you think about what I have said about discipline.

Linda said...

I love Smarty Pants! Cute Idea!

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Anonymous said...

I use Smarties like your Power Pellets. We have a Smartie Jar. When a student follows directions or is on task, I walk up to them with the Smartie Jar, and they get to pick one. Surprisingly, everyone else follows quickly.
Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

Unknown said...

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behavior management

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