January Math Center

Laminate the Snowball addition and subtraction sheet, along with the snowballs.  Cut the snowballs out with the answers on it.  The students will match each sum or difference to the correct number sentence.
 I also made a recording sheet.  Click HERE for that download!  Did anyone notice the time that I posted this?  *YAWN*  I'm not even sleepy *YAWN*  I promise!  *YAWN*

{Parents, this would be a great download to practice math facts at home}


lovetwoteach said...

It's not letting me download. ;( I REALLY love this!!!

Rachelle said...


It should be working now....check it out and let me know! Email me if it doesn't work (gundersonrachelle@hotmail.com)! Enjoy your holiday!


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this idea! Do you know of any second grade sites like this? I am always looking for new ideas. Have a great New Year's!

Learning Ahoy said...

Love it! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love this!


Anonymous said...

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