Using Recycled Items

How am I going to use recycled items in my classroom???  Well how about using carpet samples that carpet stores don't need anymore?! Did you know you can get them practically free, if not totally free from carpet stores?  I paid .50 each and I am going to use them for a WIDE range of things. Here are 2 ideas for you.

This first idea is a management tool. I call this the "Magic Carpet".  I only have one piece of carpet out and I tell my students that if they would like to sit on the "Magic Carpet", they have to be listening quietly at the carpet area (our floor area where we listen to books and do calendar)  every day.  Then randomly I will pick a student to sit on it! They love being the only student to sit on the nice, comfortable "Magic  Carpet" instead of the thin carpet on our floor!


This idea came from my 1st grade team- It's a welcome mat! It's an alternative to making Christmas ornaments and giving them as a present from your students to their parents.  I was in dire need of a new idea for the kids to make for their parents for Christmas!  It's so CUTE and quite easy. Here is what it looks like:
  • Make sure you have parent volunteers to help you do this project.
  • Use acrylic paint (Roberts, Michael's, etc)
  • The tree in the middle is just a sponge that is die cut into a tree!
  • Use old rags and a tub of water to wash off their feet.
  • To wrap it up and make it an official Christmas present, get large brown paper bags from your local grocery store.  The students can decorate the brown bag by making a tree with their hand and green paint. Just stick a few pieces of red and green tissue paper in it and you have a great present.

Here is the cute poem that you send with each welcome mat:
Click HERE for a download of the poem. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I'll answer as soon as possible!

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