Management Monday....ehhh, Wednesday!

Sorry everyone!  It has been one CRAZY couple of weeks, right?  I am sure everyone is feeling the holiday rush inside and outside of the classroom.

I wanted to revisit this management tool  because I really think it will work for any classroom. 

*Power Pellets -Anytime I call out "Power Position" the students have to stop what they are doing, fold their arms, and look at me.  The first one to do so quietly will get a Power Pellet (aka, one skittle).  Seriously teachers, THIS WORKS! I don't even really yell the words, I just simply and casually say them and they stop.  It's magic what one Skittle will do for a kiddo!  Click HERE for a download of the Power Pellet tag for the jar!

Sorry, not the best picture!  This is the "Power Pellet" jar.

*This idea came from my team at my elementary school and I just love them....they inspire me!
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