Common Core GALORE!

FINALLY! I've finished my Common Core ELA and MATH Galore {Kinder and 1st Grade Checklists} <---- that is a mouthful!!  It's so awesome to have and use.  Any time I teach a standard in the CCSS, I can check it off and write the date of when I taught it.  Then, I can add their mastery percentage.  It's so great to keep me organized. The checklists can be bought separately here

{click on each picture}:


Or you can buy them BUNDLED together {click each picture}:

I know what you are going to say... What about 2nd?  What about the rest of us!?  Well, I'm working on it! Naturally, I make things that I'm actually going to use, but I've realized that I need to help my friends out too.  Get ready, it'll be a BUSY summer on the couch with my laptop this summer. :)


Winners from the Back 2 School bulletin board saying contest 
{I'll be emailing you my T-Riffic packet soon}:
"Let's Kick off a New Year!" {Football themed}

*Suzy Q
"Fresh Batch of 2nd Graders!" {Cookie themed}

"Mrs. Cooper's Great Catch!" {Ocean themed}


Busy Bees said...

These look great. We will be wrapping our up in about 3 weeks. Thanks for sharing!

Elisabeth said...

This looks great gal! Just added it to my wishlist! :) Let me know if you ever want to loan out your super woman cape! HA


smoran892 said...

LOVE the checklist! I wish I had these last year when I taught CORE! Can't wait for math :)

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

Trina said...

My mom is a 3rd grade teacher starting cc standards this year. I am pretty sure I can make something like this for her!

Michelle Griffo said...

This is so great! I want it for kinder! :)


Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said... have been busy! Wonderful Checklists and nicely organized!

annie [pretty♥please] said...

that's AMAZING!

Traci Clausen said...

Yay! One more thing OFF my To Do list. I've been using something EXACTLY like this for CA standards, and needed to get moving on the CCSS one. This goes perfect with my year planner. THANKS.
❤Dragonflies in First ❤

Meghan Farmer said...

I LOVE the checklist!!! What a great way to hold myself accountable. And I'm so excited I won! I'm still a newbie to blogging and this is the first thing I've won! {big smile} Thank you so much!!

First Grade with a Cherry on Top

Mrs. M said...

Awesome! Exactly what I need! Can't wait to purchase the Kinder one :)

Color Me Kinder

primary practice said...
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primary practice said...

{It's me again... messed up my signature/link.}

Love this packet, Rachelle! I'll be watching for second grade!


primary practice

Tonya said...

I JUST started doing this for 3rd grade...I love your format better...must stop mine and fix now;)

Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

Alison said...


I am soooo excited, this was on my summer "to do list". You're awesome! Now off to your TPT store.


Lori R said...

I am a follower. Fun in 1st Grade sent me!

mcoop1125 said...

Fun in 1st Grade sent me over this morning:-) I've already been a follow on my Google Reader...added myself to your follower list today - yay!

Kristin said...

WOW! You've been so busy! That looks fantastic! My school has still not said ONE WORD about the common core. But with all of bloggy land's help, I will be ready when they spring it on us and say we have to start implementing it tomorrow. :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Jodi said...

These look fantastic!!

Fun In First

Amy H said...

Love these! Will you be making one for kindergarten CCSS?

Unknown said...

This looks awesome! Would LOVE to see what you put together for 3rd grade!!!
Thank you!!! :)

Kimberlee Fulbright said...

i know just how much work goes into this, as I designed K ones 2 years ago & then had to update them for CC :):)

~ Kimberlee ~

Two Fulbright Hugs

Cheryl and Brian said...

This is awesome and I am going to try to make something similar for my 5th grade ELA classroom! What do you use to assess student mastery of each individual strand?

Ms. D said...

Thanks so much for the idea! I created my own using your template for Grade 3:)

Jen R said...

I totally need a checklist for 2nd grade!

Carmela B said...

Thank you for sharing. You're blog tooo-cute! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award: Check it out :)

Erica Bohrer said...

This looks amazing! How do you do it all :)

TeachK said...

LOVE IT!!! Can't wait till you have Kindergaten will scoop those up in a heart beat!!

Loved meeting you at the conference!!!

Anonymous said...

You list mastery for the class, but you need a spot on the form to list the kids' names who did not master one of the standards. Otherwise, your job is not done!

MacKenzie said...

Love these. Would love to see something for 5th grade/ Middle School. :-)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have this for 7th grade math. Wow

Unknown said...

Hello! This is great but I do not see a place to receive and print the Reading Lit.Common Core Checklist.

Unknown said...

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