Student of the Month Awards - Behavior Incentive

Looking for a cute way to jazz up your classroom management this year??

You might want to try giving out 'student of the month' awards! 

I created these awards as a way to motivate my students to use appropriate classroom behavior. Each month focuses on a specific character trait/social skill. You can use the poster to help teach the trait and refer to it all month. At the end of the month, you can choose 1-4 students (or however many you want) to receive the special award. Your students will be motivated and excited to use appropriate behavior all year long!

This download includes 12 posters to teach each trait/skill and 12 colorful awards to use each month. Also, I have provided each award in a quarter page format, so that you can use them like trading cards. Students can try to collect them all!

These awards help teach the following character traits/behavior skills:
*How to be an A+ student
*Being polite (manners)
*Being thankful
*Having a positive attitude
*Working quietly and not shouting out
*How to be a "sweetheart"
*Listening skills
*Being an example/role model
*Being friendly
*How to brighten others around you
*Being helpful

Click here to purchase your copy of the 

(My hubby designed all the cute clip art images for me, the fonts are by Kevin and Amanda, and I found the super cute frames in Teaching in a Small Town's tpt store.)
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