Common Core GALORE!

FINALLY! I've finished my Common Core ELA and MATH Galore {Kinder and 1st Grade Checklists} <---- that is a mouthful!!  It's so awesome to have and use.  Any time I teach a standard in the CCSS, I can check it off and write the date of when I taught it.  Then, I can add their mastery percentage.  It's so great to keep me organized. The checklists can be bought separately here

{click on each picture}:


Or you can buy them BUNDLED together {click each picture}:

I know what you are going to say... What about 2nd?  What about the rest of us!?  Well, I'm working on it! Naturally, I make things that I'm actually going to use, but I've realized that I need to help my friends out too.  Get ready, it'll be a BUSY summer on the couch with my laptop this summer. :)


Winners from the Back 2 School bulletin board saying contest 
{I'll be emailing you my T-Riffic packet soon}:
"Let's Kick off a New Year!" {Football themed}

*Suzy Q
"Fresh Batch of 2nd Graders!" {Cookie themed}

"Mrs. Cooper's Great Catch!" {Ocean themed}

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