This year will be T-RRIFIC!

I've been thinking about some bulletin board ideas for the beginning of the year. 
 I think I'm going to put up this one inside of my classroom:

 {Hang the t-shirts with twine/rope and clothespins}

5 T-Shirt Options 
{actually 6... I didn't show the 6th one in this preview. It's a small T-Shirt that has a place for you to write their case you want to get the board set up before the kiddos arrive}:

Check it out on {here} TpT! :)

What bulletin board sayings have you used {comment in this post with your email}? I'll pick 3 of my favorites and email you this packet for free!


YearntoLearn said...

You have cuteness down to the T.

Happy Fourth.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Laura Knott-Riggall said...

Our school mascot is a wolf. I made a board that said "Paws to say thanks". On paw shaped pieces of paper people could write nice notes to one another to be displayed for all to read. :)

Miss Nelson said...

This is precious!

Don't "bug" us, we're learning!
1st grade is the place to bee!
We're antsy for 2nd grade!

Amber O. said...

Thanks for the inspiration Rachelle (can't believe it's already the 4th...guess I better get in back to school mode! Yowza!!) Have a great Independence Day:)

elaine said...

I put "Wish you were here" along with a man in a swimming ring and bathing suit. Kids write "postcards" and illustrate (on index cards) about their summer.

MikesMom said...

The title was Soaring Toward Summer. We made hot air balloons where the children colored a 2-sided balloon and then we attached that with twine/yarn to a Pringles singles cup as the basket. The finishing touch was pictures of the students waving that we printed and glued to the baskets. Not a traditional board because we hung them on clothesline across the room, but very cute. And fun to make..

Unknown said...

I seem to be having a summer "brain freeze" and I cannot think of ANY of my catchy titles...!!! I had a really cute owl theme last year. My job chart said "Look Whooooo's Helping". (BTW, OWLS= Organized, Working, Learning, Students) Does this count???

Jodi ~ Buffalo, NY

Elisabeth said...
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Elisabeth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elisabeth said...

This is adorable Rachelle! As always you have the cutest ideas! The past two years I used monkeys with the saying "swinging into first grade" or "swinging into a new year." Happy 4th sweet friend! :)


Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

I have used puzzle pieces with their names and used "We all fit together"- I liked that one but was thinking about switching it to "Together we're better" this year :)

I first saw these tshirts on Pinterest and pinned them- I think they are adorable!!

Happy 4th!

3rd Grade Thoughts

ksteacher81 said...

I used to have a frog theme so I would do 1st grade is Frogtastic every year.

Lisa R. said...

This is an adorable idea! I have a pirate theme so I've done "Ahoy first grade mateys, welcome aboard." to decorate my classroom window. I've also done "Look At These Landlubbers!" with telescopes & pictures of my students. Another one is "Arrgh you ready for a great year?" & I have the kids make pirates to hang up with writing about what they want to learn in 1st grade.
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lyndsey (A Year of Many Firsts) said...

For 2nd grade, I love "We've Come Back for Seconds" as a beginning of the year bulletin board. Students would write about what they are looking forward to about 2nd grade.

Love these tees! ADORABLE, as always!

A Year of Many Firsts

Freshwater’s Firsties said...

Surfin into 2nd grade!!! They use surfboards to showcase their writing (grade expectations/goals) oversized boy and girl on board along with scrunch paper palm tree !!! Wooo Hooo

Angie said...

I love that one! I usually do t-shirts in the line (with cute mini clothespins from a craft store) and it says "look who's hanging out with Mrs. Rubin". One year I even had their heads popping out of the shirts from the pictures I took of them before school was over (We have a step-up day where we meet our new kiddos).
(sorry for any typos... I'm on vacation and typing from my phone and it's not cooperating!!!)

Anonymous said...

"Leaping Into 2nd Grade" with the students names written on frogs that were leaping into a pond!

"We All Fit In!" with each student's name written on a crossword puzzle piece!

Melanie R. said...

Each fall, above my book area, I put a big tree with arms coming out reading a book. Leaves on the tree are falling and the title says, "Fall into a good book!" I wonder if I can figure out how to post a picture on here.....

msjonesjunction said...

Love your back to school BB idea. I have done "We're On a Learning Safari". I made a copy of a jeep for each student and on meet the teacher day/first day of school took a head shot of students with a safari hat on, cut the pictures out and put in the drivers seat-turned out very cute.
Ms Jones Junction

smoran892 said...

I did one last year with autumn leaves falling from a big tree and on each leaf was a story of what each student was looking forward to in the upcoming winter. I titled it "Falling into Winter" and it actually looked pretty cool!

Love your T-riffic bulletin board :) Great ideas, as always!

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

Jane said...

I had a patriotic theme (perfect for today, or an election, or for the Olympics) and the caption said - "Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Grade 2!"

Allie said...

I am going to use a carnival theme this year and put a big ferris wheel up with the kids names on them and the caption will say "up, Up, and Away with our Hopes and Dreams! Then I will add their hopes and dreams on carnival theme cards.

megandw said...

This past year I did "We Dig Kindergarten" with beach pails and shovels. It was cute (if I do say so myself:)
Love your BB set!
Happy Fourth!

Rachel said...

Had a duck theme one year and because they were first grade, the title read "Quack, Quack! Welcome Back!"

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Very cute!!! I like "Giddy Up For First Grade!" I have a little western display in the hall.

Cindy said...

"Toad"ally Cool First Graders! (with frogs)
Bouncin' Into First Grade! (with Tigger)


Traci Clausen said...

Adorable BB!
My primary BTS bulletin board is a watermelon... the kids made a seed writing/craftivity. It says, "A Slice of Summer" - about what the did over the break.
❤Dragonflies in First ❤

Lynn said...

Last year, I handed each kid a paint chip from Home Depot with graduated colors on it. You know? Then they were to take a BORING verb (say, talk, etc.) and write it on the most boring (lightest) color. As the colors got bolder, so did their synonyms. When they were done, I hung them on a bulletin board with simple letters: Say What?!?!

amy said...

What a cute board!
One year my grade mate and I had a ship display and our saying was: Sailin' into 2nd grade
Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

Heather (TeacherBug) said...

I've done a few I really like.
My first year I did, We are Coco"NUTS" about 4th grade with a palm tree and monkey. I put the kids names on all of the palm trees.
I've also done the t-shirst, but wrote, "Hanging in 4th Grade". :)

Tanya V. said...

I've done "a new batch of 3rd graders" with cookie cut outs.. I've also done "A new school of fish" with fish cut outs. Love your pack....adorable!!


Kristen said...

I'm wicked bad at those!! BUT, I just love what you have created--so cute and perfect for the beginning of the year. I love all of the options!

Unknown said...

So cute Rachelle!! Mine for the past few years has said "Kindergarten is a hoot!" obviously... lots of owls around my room! ;)
Rowdy in Room 300

Gina said...

Last year I made a display in the hallway outside our classroom that said, Everyone Blooms in Second Grade. I made a garden full of flowers and used pipe cleaners for the stems. I wrote the students' names on the flowers. After I took it down, I wrapped the flowers around fancy pencils and put them in a flower box that said, Look Who's Bloomed Another Year! When a student had a birthday, they took their pencil from the box.

mollymm77 said...

I use a popcorn border, a few scattered 3-d popcorn boxes, and a 2-d popcorn box and popcorn piece with each student's name on the box.
My phrase is: Look who popped into first grade!
Then at our back to school open house, I serve popcorn and punch.

LC16 said...

So cute!
One year I did a football board that said "our game plan for a great year" i had about 6 big footballs that had some goals for a good year and then had students write their own goal for the new school year on a smaller football.

Sandra said...

"SMILE, you're in first grade!!"
Talk about friendship on the first week of school and the kiddos make their face out of construction paper with big white smiles! Super cute!
❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Suzy Q said...

Obviously you are way younger than I am...done so many I can't remember! "Great bunch" with names on bananas and a large monkey; "fresh batch of second graders" with names on chocolate chip cookies (complete with cookie sheet/spatula); ___ has the recipe for success (with recipe card filled out) and "look whooo is in grade 2" with adorable owls I spent forever making! You name it; I've done it!

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Brenda said...

I often use the t-shirt theme...
"Look who is hanging out in 6th grade!"

I cut t-shirts out of plain white construction paper and let the students decorate them with their favorite things. This is usually done the first day of school. Then they are laminated and hung in the hall on a clothes line.

Lindsey said...

I have the kiddos fill out a rainbow glyph about themselves. I title the board "A rainbow of first graders"

Creative Undertakings said...

That's so cute!! Mine last year was 'we all fit together' where each kid was a puzzle piece they had decorated :)

Creative Undertakings

Emerson said...

Each year we decorate our classroom door. Last year I found mini ipods and wrote each kiddos name on it.. then wrote "i-learn in Kindergarten" Super cute! We have done "look who was spotted in Kindergarten" with each name on a different colored circle. Of course, the popcorn cutouts and "look who popped in!" I love super easy but super cute!!

mcoop1125 said...

I've used "Mrs. Cooper's Great Catch" with each child's name on a fish and a real fish net draped across the fish:-) Easy, sneezy!

Unknown said...

I am in love with this idea! Great job!!!


Krystal said...

Here are a few I have done in the past:

Butterfly bulletin board "we're flying high in 2nd grade"

Using the "have you filled a bucket today" book, I made little buckets for each student and the board said "Miss Plott's bucket fillers"

I have had an owl bulletin board that said "whhoooo's excited for 2nd grade" with little owlets having a party :)

I think I am most excited about my idea for this year.... Using your "this year was out of this world" packet.... I loved the writing pages that my students made so much, that I decided to keep them and I am going to hang them in the wall with a sign that says "find out why 2nd grade is out of this world!" and I will put up the writing pages, and put my new students names on rockets or planets


Amy said...

Cute! One I've done is "Wel-gum to ___ Grade!" with a large bubblegum machine. I put all the kids names on the bubblegum inside the machine and my name and our room number on bubblegum coming out of the machine.

newmanm said...

I love your blog!! Super cute and all of your ideas are so helpful and useful in the classroom!

As for bulletin boards, this year I put one up that said "we've caught the reading bug", and had each child's writing about their favorite book, and their picture. There was a bug in the middle of the board, and they did their writing on bug jar shaped templates. I wish I could take credit for all that, but I got the idea from a Mailbox magazine!

I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award because I love your blog! Head over to my page to check it out:)


Cindy L said...

I teach second grade and my theme is monkeys. I have used Just Hangin' Out in Second Grade, and No Monkeying around in Second Grade. There are some really cute ideas on here.


Meghan Farmer said...

I've done one in the past that was football themed, since football begins right around school time. It said "Let's Kick Off to A New Year" I made two goal posts and a football field and then put their names all glittery on individual flying footballs. I added a few football players and cheerleaders and it was precious!

I would LOVE for you to check out my new blog!


First Grade with a Cherry on Top

Unknown said...

I used to start the year with dino and a "DinoMite" theme.

Meghan Farmer said...

oops, forgot to leave my email.

First Grade with a Cherry on Top

Deb said...

I love the new monster themed calendar and write "A monstrous welcome to 1st Grade! with a big monster and little ones with the students names.

Unknown said...

I love your blog. I'm a new follower and I nominated you for two awards that you've probably received before. You can check them out when you get a chance.

Sara Cairo said...

Together we make one great... TEAM! The letters in TEAM are puzzle pieces that students illustrate what they are good at. Then they work together to piece the puzzle together spelling it out.

Jessica Ann Stanford said...

How cute!! THANKS!


Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class
I hope that you'll join me for my giveaway ♥

Amy C said...

My last name is Crow so I always do "This class is something to "Crow" about!" then I use a farm/scarecrow theme.

Hanging Around In Primary said...

I have also used T-shirts on a back to school bulletin board. My title for the bulletin board was "What a winning line up" over top a clothesline of T-shirts. I have also used a bee theme and used "who will bee in Mrs Hermer's grade 1?"

Hanging Around In Primary said...

forgot my

Susie Q said...

You will never know how much your blog has helped and inspired me this last year. I've left you two something on my blog. I'd love it if you checked it out!

Learning With Susie Q

Anonymous said...

Last year, I had a construction theme in my class. I had plastic construcion hats used as hall passes, the "kids at work" banners, and various traffic signs (stop and read, quiet zone, etc.) My board was simple: "Under Construction" with a saw horse and oversized tools. I left it up in the hall all year long and just changed out the writing/art because, well, it was "Under Construction."

Amanda Taylor

Miss DeCarbo said...

We study owls in October and I created a bulletin board that said "We Know Owl About Nonfiction!" We had owls we made and facts about the owls on their wings. It was cute! :) I LoVe your T-shirts! :)

Sugar and Spice

Unknown said...

Cute idea! We are a Leader in Me school so i am going to be doing a bulletin board with each habit for the seven habits. Of course with the kids help. To start with I am using Hadar's Ant craftivity with the saying, "Anticipating a Year with Great Leaders.

Katie said...

I have done tshirts for the past two years as my beginning of the year bulletin board. I give the kids a blank tshirt on the first or second day of school and then have each of them make/color a design on their tshirt. Then is slap a label on it with their name and hang it on the rope that is already up on the bullentin board. I hang it with a clothes pin and the title of my board is called "Hanging out in first grade". The first year I made it, I made a laundry basket at the bottom of the board with some tshirt already in it. But last year I didn't do that and just hung the tshirts. Then I made my job board out of patterned designs that I made and hung them in the front of the room. And I made the kiddos locker names tags different primary colored tshirts with their names on them. It was really cute, but I decided to do something different this year. I should find the pictures of mine and show you!

I love your idea too!


Katie said...

forgot my email...sorry

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