Can you say survival mode? I'm not sure what it is {well, I do know}, but I'm seriously EXHAUSTED at about 4:00pm everyday. I apologize for neglecting you all {or y'all, as my cute friends from the south would say}.  It's been CUH-RAZY here.

Please forgive me for the lack of posting. ;)

I wanted to do a little throw-back Thursday for you! Some of you might have seen this last year, or maybe not.  Enjoy!

I send home a  bag with the kiddo who is the VIP that week. I got the bag from Hobby Lobby and the dog from Wal-Mart.

Inside of the bag:
*Directions for the parents about their childs' VIP week
*Stuffed dog named Andy
*Adventures with Andy book for kids to write in
*Me Sack

VIP Directions:

Adventures with Andy book {I just stick it in a binder and put the writing pages in individual sheet protectors}. The kiddos take Andy home and play with him, then they have a parent help them write about it and draw a picture. This is their FAVORITE! {You can do any stuffed animal. In my student teaching, my cooperating teacher did this cute little frog because her classroom theme was frogs-I got the idea from her!}

The "Me Sack" is a label stuck on a brown paper bag. It's like show and tell, but the items need to be able to tell about the child and it better {p.s. I hate show and tell}. Then, the other students can ask 2 questions and have 2 comments about the items. :)  My friend and teaching buddy Ashlee gave me this fabulous idea. Click {here} to download the labels.

At the beginning of the year, I send home an "All About Me!" poster to return the first week. I like to do that so when their child is the VIP they don't get overwhelmed.    Sorry folks, I got this poster from my teammates and it's not digital!  But I did try to recreate it and you can download it at the bottom of this post {you will need to print it out and then enlarge it on your copy machine to fit on 11X17 paper}.

I'm always the VIP first. :)

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Unknown said...

"Me Bags" are always my kiddos first homework assignment of the year. I hate show and tell too...and I REALLY hate it during the first 2-3 days of school when expectations are still just being introduced. But ultimately the kids love it. Hang in there girl- it's almost Friday, and you are not alone. TGIF!!!

❤ -Stephanie
Falling Into First

Michelle Griffo said...

Can I tell you I am OBSESSING about finding the perfect stuffed animal to make this type of thing for... I really want an alligator for some reason.. :)
Yours is too cute though! :)
Apples and ABC's

Ash said...

Love it! Andy is super cute. Do you usually have a lot of parents come on Friday to eat lunch with their child?

Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

Kimberly said...

Love your VIP! Thanks for sharing!
Funky First Grade Fun

Mrs. Lua said...

I love the "Me" poster!! I have been looking for one like this - smaller than what I have been using. I usually order the ones from Oriental Trading, but decided against it this year. So, this is perfect! Also, I love your Andy idea. I have a stuffed tiger that I use, which comes with a LSU bag, binder, and food bowl! Hubby and I are HUGE LSU fans, as well as most of the students I teach! :)
Thanks for sharing!
Nichole :)

sarah said...

Adorable! Thanks!

Erin Brown said...

Very cute puppy to send home with the kiddos! I have a hippo (Hip Hop Hippo, to be exact) that travels with my students. They love to write letters to the class from Hip Hop's point of view and they are so funny to read!

Wolfelicious said...

I have two bags that go home. One is a Birthday bag and one is a Snoopy bag. Each students gets the Birthday Bag for their birthday and the Snoopy Bag each student gets throughout the year. They write what they did with Snoopy for the weekend.

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Shelly Sitz said...

I love the idea of sending home a bag with the VIP
student! Thanks for sharing!

Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm your newest follower, I found you on Jodi's blog Fun-in-first, at the cc giveaway.
Love your vip idea, super cute,
check out my blog when you get a chance,

Unknown said...

A teacher at my school sends a stuffed animal that she sends home once a week with a student. She's had great success with it. I think I will have to give it a try.

I'm a new follower!

Mr. Michelbook's Classroom

Unknown said...

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Print VIP Cards said...

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Janaye said...

I know, I'm late to this party! I love this idea, Rachelle!!! Definitely using it next year. And OMG, we have the same birthday!!!!

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vivi winkler said...

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