My Style is Changing

My style really is changing. I'm slowing changing things in my classroom to reflect my new style.  A few years ago, I was all about Comic Sans {can you believe it}, but then I found all the fabulous FREE fonts out there and I was hooked.  I'm currently obsessed with stripes. I don't care how they come {bold, thick, thin, chevron, vertical, horizontal, etc.}, I just love them! :) My love of clipart hasn't changed's just gone from a love addiction. Sound familiar? Are you nodding?

So, I've been changing out some of my old labels and signs with new ones.  Each of these are available for free as a download {at the bottom of this post}! YAY! It's my ploy to get you hooked on stripes, too. Is it working?

New crates to help me stay organized.

These posters have been hanging up in my guest bedroom and they look much better in my classroom. :)  I can't wait to hang up Deanna's Common Core Standard cards on them! I made the display posters because my OCD told me it had to match my classroom perfectly. Dang OCD.

I re-did some of my calendar.  You can see my old one {and how I run it} *here*.

I'm loving the chevron calendar cards from Growing Kinders' Calendar Kit!

These bins hold everything for my parent volunteers. You can read more about it *here*.

Here's the rest of my classroom:
My reading corner is inspired by {this} website 
(Thanks for all of the ideas Mrs. Blankenburg!)

Here is my CAFE Menu.  I made the letters on my computer, but with the polka dot borders from {this} author on TpT for free. I got the CAFE posters from {here}.
The little chef kid in the corner of the board is from Scrappin' Doodles.

This is where I display my students' work. Those are tin foil cookie sheets! 
Today we hung our "first grade dolls" up.

First grade is SO SWEET! I have my birthday balloon sticks {that post can be found here}. I haven't hung up my VIP poster yet because we haven't started it {you can find the VIP poster here}.

Beginning of the year bulletin board inspired by {this} post!
"Ant"icipating a great year!

Table points {inspired by this}, schedule {found here}, and Brownie Points {found here}. 

Daily 5 board!  The polka dot border can be found {here} and the Daily 5 posters can be found {here}.

My alphabet you can get {here} for primary colors and {here} for bright. I got the colors from Mrs. Lemons {here}.

My kiddos LOVE the crate seats that I made {click here to see how}.

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