Management Monday - Behavior Linky!!

We're happy to say that today is Management Monday!

I don't know about you, but my students this year are a lot different from my students from last year. What worked last year with behavior, was not so much working this year.

So I tried to come up with a fun way that would help students take control of their own behavior. I thought about it for a couple days and came up with a Baseball Behavior Card.

This year in class, we are focusing on being Teammates. We read this awesome book about working together and standing up for one another.

(I got my copy of this book from the *amazing* Deedee from Deedee Wills' Kinder and her new online bookstore Clever School Teacher.)

Going along the lines of being a team, I thought that a baseball type behavior system would be perfect for my class this year. So I came up with something that went along with the saying, "Three strikes and you're out." Only I changed it to, "Three strikes = time out."

Here's how it works in my classroom:

Each week I tape a card to each student's desk. Each day of the week students record their behavior based on a 3 strike system. One strike = reminder, two strikes = warning, and three strikes = a time out.

You decide what a time out looks like in your classroom.

As a reward for good behavior, I collect the cards at the end of the week and trade them in for class dollars. Two class dollar for no strikes at all, one class dollar if they have strikes, but didn't make it to a time out.

What the Teacher Wants - Behavior Linky Party!!
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