Number Sense Freebies!

At the beginning of the year, I always do a big push for number sense {and throughout the year, too!}. Here are some number sense items I've posted about on ABC and 123 last year that I think you might like! Head over there and check out their great site!

This math game can be played in partners, groups, or independently.  Just copy the game pieces on cardstock, laminate and cut-out. Then, have the students match each number to the number word and record on their recording sheets.  I've included a number-word reference sheet too!  Enjoy!

Here is a little Number Sense activity I thought would be fun to reinforce number words, number pictures, and numerals {1-10}.  For more math ideas from my previous posts, click {here}.
You need these {Toy Cars}- You can buy them at the Dollar Tree:

And you'll have your kiddos drive over {trace} the numbers on these:

Clipart and/or fonts are copyright DJ Inkers and used with permission:

Click {HERE} to download  Driving Numbers!

 I got this sweet little idea from another teacher/blogger {here}. 
Mrs. Morrow does this same thing with sight words. Fabulous!

 I made this little game to help my kiddos with their number sense of numbers 11-30. They can play in groups of 3-4. It's called CRASH!

Draw a card from the pile. Read what is on the card and tell your group. Write it on one of the cars if you are right. If you are wrong or don’t know, ask your group the correct answer and then put the card at the bottom of the pile. If you get a crash card, you lose a turn. Once you have all of the cars filled up, you are the winner!

For the teacher:
*Copy the cards on cardstock
*Print the numbers on labels {avery 5160}
*Stick labels onto each card

Print these cards multiple times

Print these on labels {5160} and stick on cards before laminating
Click {here} for number labels.

Recording sheet

Here's a little can use these cards with any concept you want!  Sight words, numbers, addition, subtraction, etc. {just make your own labels to put on the cards or write them in}.


Mrs. Whary said...

Love these activities :-)

Amanda said...

I love the "Driving Numbers" activity!! My boys will just eat this up!!! Thanks for sharing!

First Grade Garden

Anonymous said...

We play Crash with sight words. Instead of just losing a turn with a crash card, we have the clockwise turn taking reverse and go counter clockwise. The child still loses a turn but I get to teach directions with new vocabulary.

Karlie said...

Thank you for all the car freebies:) I am going to do the sight word parking lot and these will be fun to incorporate to do a unit on cars:-D

We are ALL Special!

HeidiSongs said...

Looks like a bunch of great ideas! I just finished collecting a whole bunch of cars for my kids so that we could count them and sort them, etc. Thanks for all of the freebies!

Stephanie said...

Hey! I tried to comment on your FB page today but my comment sections don't allow me to type in them on your page. I love your blog and ideas!!! I also wanted to share a GREAT MUST HAVE for all classroom teachers! Check it out at (Sept. 5 posting)

~DeAnne~ said...

Thank you for the activities/ideas. We play games similar to Crash---Oh Deer, for Christmas, Cops and Robbers, Go Bananas, etc. :)

LOVE the math game for number sense. Thanks so much for sharing.

First Grade and Fabulous

Deborah said...

These are great ideas. Thank you.

The Paper Maid

Anonymous said...

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Terri Brown said...

This is such a great idea! I love your original version for numbers but also the way it can be used for anything at all. My firsties are going to love this. I'm pinning this!

vex said...

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