Stretchy the Word Snake

Do you use Stretchy the Word Snake in your classroom?  Stretchy helps us with words we don't know and he stretches them out and says the word and is a big help to my struggling readers {run on sentence  perhaps?}.  He's a great helper when we are reading in guided reading!  I bought this *not* so cute puppet on Amazon to really go for the gold on this one.

He's completely creepy. My kiddos loved him.  OF COURSE THEY DID! :)

I have students come up and *whisper* a word that stretchy can stretch out REALLY slow and show them how to do it. Then, my students guess the word.  They LOVE it!  Stretchy even stretched out the words Justin Bieber.  :)

After they get the hang of it.  I give them some CVC words to stretch out {idea from Deanna Jump} and write in these writing boxes, so that they can hear each sound.  I laminate them and they use a dry erase marker with them!I got this download from the AMAZING Deanna Jump. You can download it for free on her blog {here}.

As they get better at stretching words out, I give them another mat with 4 boxes.  I made this one and you can download it {here}.

As a quick-check practice during my lower guided reading groups, I give them this assessment that you can download {here}:

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Unknown said...

Love your snake! I'm going to have to try this genius idea :)


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Amy Johnston said...

He is a tad creepy but super cool too! ;)

Thanks for the freebies. I have noticed that unlike past kids seem to know their sight words OK so far but do not know how to even begin to attack a word they don't know. Stretchy is making his debut next week. I'm thinking my amazon prime account may come in handy to get a Stretchy delivered by next week!

Thanks for the's the little things like this that the kids connect to. :)

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diditeach said...

I have several little ones that will LOVE this....thanks so much :)

Unknown said...

LOVE your word mats! Thank you so much for sharing them! I just introduced Stretchy the Snake last week and my kiddos adore him as well! I use the beanie baby snake that actually stretches and comes back together. Then I teach the kids that since they don't have a snake in their pockets to whip out when they read, that they can use their arm and hand to stretch out words. These animal reading strategies really help! I've seen a big difference since I started using them last year. Can't wait to print and use these mats!! Thanks again!

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Heather's Heart said...

I love Stretchy! The Stretchy I have is the Beanie Baby one and he can actually be stretched out. The kiddos love him. He also helps us when we do the sound box hop. =)

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Thank you for being a blessing to were one of my first inspirations to start my own blog. =)

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sarah said...

Awesome idea! Thanks! :)

Traci Clausen said...

aahhh! Creepy snake! I can only imagine how much the kiddos love it! Thanks for the stretchy word snake freebie - my kids will be getting a lot of use out of this!

Fun in Second Grade said...

Love your blog! Thanks for all the great ideas! If you get a chance hop over and check out my blog, . ~Diane

Jeannine said...

Thanks for sharing the stretchy snake freebie! Some of my struggling second graders can use help with this skill! The four boxes are perfect for them!Thanks for stopping by my blog!:)


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Erica Bohrer said...

Love it!!! Thanks for the freebie.

the teacher diva said...

Oh I love this! We always use the phrase "stretchy snake" but to have this little sheet to match is super cute!



Unknown said...

This is such a great idea. I love that there is an auditory and visual component. I also love that the written part can be differentiated according to where a student is.
Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

So practical thank you!

Kate said...

This text is excellent.

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