Daily 5 {Listen to Reading & Book Shopping}

I just have an overload of things I need to tell you!  Daily 5 is up and running again in my classroom and our stamina is all built up! PHEWWW!! It seems like it takes FOREVER to build their stamina but it is SO worth it!  My kiddos are loving making their own choices in Daily 5 and I am loving having my guided reading groups without any interruptions. I've actually been doing groups for over a month, but now they are completely independent while I run the groups!

Listen to Reading has to be their favorite, of course.  I had parents donate any used CD players that they had hanging around their house. I sent home this letter last year and had about 5 donated:

Click the picture to download.

I actually use iPads and Laptops also during listen to reading....but that's a whole nutha post! :) 

Then, our grade bought headphones for all of our students. I used Washi tape to put their class number on the headphones.

Then, I stored them in little bins like this:

It's NOT working!!! They are tangled most of the time and it takes my kiddos FOREVER to get them out of their bin. Does anyone have a storage solution for me?  I wish they were the earbud kind of headsets, but they aren't.  I'm thinking of just not having one for each student and only get out the 6 that I need. What do you think??  If you need a direction sheet for your students on how to use the CD player, you can find that for free {here}.

Here are the labels for the bins if you need them! Click the picture to download.

Moving on to book shopping and IPick!  Here's what I do... I have certain days that my students can go book shopping. They can pick a round that they want to do it during {as long as it's not during their reading group or when they are supposed to be reading to a friend}.  3 students can be doing that at one time.  If there are already 3 student book shopping, that student can just go book shopping the next round. 

Click the picture to download {it will open in powerpoint so that you can customize}.

I use this more for myself than anything.  After a student goes book shopping, they move their name to "yes" and then I know who has/hasn't book shopped that week {they might have been absent}. I made it out of a cookie sheet and my hubby drilled holes in the top to put the ribbon through.  Then, I used vinyl for the yes and no.  I put adhesive magnets on the back of their names. Ta-Da!

I LOVE this video for IPick.  I made a poster that goes with the IPick rap!


Ashley said...

Don't buy earbuds!!! They are too big fo their ears and they fall out. This was the first year our kids brought earbuds and it is a disaster. They tangle up worse in my opinion. I store them in gallon sized slider zipper bags. Each bag has a large label at the top with their name/number on it. I hope this helps.

Rachel Seymour said...

I have the same suggestion. My kiddos have their headphones in ziploc bags with their number on it. They store them in their Daily 5 bags so that they always have them when they need them.

I have to make sure they each have their own set because of lice issues. :(

Good luck and thanks for the freebies! :)


Miss Nelson said...

I onlu have 6 cd players so I don't have this problem. I keep the cords wrapped around an apple core that I found at Office Max. They even make little velcro strips to keep them from getting tangled.

Christine said...

I use the ziplock option as well... totally works. And ear buds are horrible. Great idea asking for old cd players:) I have 2 in my own house that don't get used :)

Delighted said...

I have 6 mp3 players, so I keep mine in small containers that I purchased at Dollar General. They still managed to cords a mess, so I ended up shortening all of the cords by wrapping tape around the "extra". It has worked perfectly.


Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

I know our computer lab stores the headphones in ziploc baggies and it seems to work. For my listening center, I just bought the regular headphones (like $5 ones at walmart) and I just bought the amount I needed for each cd player. It seems to work for my class.

Jessica said...

We asked our parents to buy their child ear buds. Each child has them labeled in a little baggie in their desk. When they go to a place that needs earbuds, they use them. I haven't had a problem with them being too big (the earbuds come with different size nubs). And, they haven't become tangled.

For your situation, I'd use gallon size zip lock bags with the student's names on it or number and put them in tubs.

Unknown said...

I love the I Pick rap!! I taught it to my kids this year too and they also love it!

❤ -Stephanie
Falling Into First

Heather said...

For individual headphones, I would have them hang them off the side of their book boxes. I have a book box for each of my students' books from the book browsing. This would keep them organized and cut down on time finding them and the, ahem, "bug" problem (if you happen to have one) :)

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

We have to use individual headsets after a lil' "bug" outbreak hit our school several years back. We too store each set in individual gallon size bags. Use that cutie patootie tape of yours to stick their numbers on the bags as well for easy grab and go. We have a set in class and a set in the school computer lab. Yes, we are paranoid about lil bugs, but it has worked for us and no cord tangles either. :)

Christy & Tammy

michaelshoney said...

I use a 24 pocket clear over the door shoe organizer to store either ear buds or headphones for each student. I don't know if you have a door to hang it on, but for me it works great!

Julie Wiersma said...

I put mine in gallon size zip-loc bags. That works really well. Wrapping the cords around toilet paper rolls helps to eliminate tangled cords.

Anonymous said...

I bought my headphones at the dollar store....then put them in gallon ziplocks. I had one bag for each student. In the bag was their headphone and an index card with username and password for AR, IXL math (this was for the computer lab in both 2nd and 3rd grade). I told the kids if they broke their head phone they had to replace it. I still have most of those headphones and use them with my Kinders. After computer lab I am the one who puts them back into the baggies. Maybe it is time I teach them to do it.

Terri Izatt

diditeach said...

Thanks for the great freebies. I am repeating what many have said but....each child in my class has their own headphones (head lice) and we store them in gallon zip lock bags with their log in and passwords on the bag. I keep them all in a Rubbermaid bin, handy to tote to the library lab or just for easy access for our class lab ( we have 4 desk tops) .

Laura said...

I love how organized and wonderful you are :) labels are my best friend!! hope you are doing well Rachelle xoxo


Anonymous said...

Our music class uses Ziploc bags too. There doesn't seem to be any problems with tangles.

LaSchu said...

I love the shopping list. But unfortunately, when I click the photo to download it, it is not opening in powerpoint. The document is opening as a google doc with no option to edit. Any suggestions?

Rae said...

I love your blog! I am so fortunate to have found it. If you have time, maybe you could swing by and check out mine :)


Kathy said...

BOO! You continue to inspire me!

First Grade a la Carte

The Ever Changing Classroom said...

I really enjoy your book shopping idea! What an easy way to make sure your students are frequently switching out books or have that option to do so. Thank you! For headphones I only have out 6 because I know that is how many I will need. The students help me set out the listen to reading stations so I don't have to worry about setting them up.


Natalie Kay said...

Awesome post, Rachelle! I bet your students love doing Daily 5! You make reading so much fun!!

Unknown said...

I really like the Shopping List for books, but it is not opening in Power Point. It is opening as a PDF file and I can't edit it. What can I do?

Anonymous said...

Wall hooks mounted next to computers are ideal. If they are not always used with computers, use a door-hanging shoe organizer with numbers. See this example. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/2e/18/4a/2e184a3c6571bed83e29b66b51811575.jpg

Hope you figured it out.

Unknown said...

My kids have to take headphones back and forth to the computer lab, so I tried the plastic bags with molded plastic handles at the top, and hung each one on a Rubbermaid hook with their number on a sticker beside it. It worked fantastically, and the bags hold up much better than zip-locks.

Anonymous said...

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