Daily 5 {Listen to Reading & Book Shopping}

I just have an overload of things I need to tell you!  Daily 5 is up and running again in my classroom and our stamina is all built up! PHEWWW!! It seems like it takes FOREVER to build their stamina but it is SO worth it!  My kiddos are loving making their own choices in Daily 5 and I am loving having my guided reading groups without any interruptions. I've actually been doing groups for over a month, but now they are completely independent while I run the groups!

Listen to Reading has to be their favorite, of course.  I had parents donate any used CD players that they had hanging around their house. I sent home this letter last year and had about 5 donated:

Click the picture to download.

I actually use iPads and Laptops also during listen to reading....but that's a whole nutha post! :) 

Then, our grade bought headphones for all of our students. I used Washi tape to put their class number on the headphones.

Then, I stored them in little bins like this:

It's NOT working!!! They are tangled most of the time and it takes my kiddos FOREVER to get them out of their bin. Does anyone have a storage solution for me?  I wish they were the earbud kind of headsets, but they aren't.  I'm thinking of just not having one for each student and only get out the 6 that I need. What do you think??  If you need a direction sheet for your students on how to use the CD player, you can find that for free {here}.

Here are the labels for the bins if you need them! Click the picture to download.

Moving on to book shopping and IPick!  Here's what I do... I have certain days that my students can go book shopping. They can pick a round that they want to do it during {as long as it's not during their reading group or when they are supposed to be reading to a friend}.  3 students can be doing that at one time.  If there are already 3 student book shopping, that student can just go book shopping the next round. 

Click the picture to download {it will open in powerpoint so that you can customize}.

I use this more for myself than anything.  After a student goes book shopping, they move their name to "yes" and then I know who has/hasn't book shopped that week {they might have been absent}. I made it out of a cookie sheet and my hubby drilled holes in the top to put the ribbon through.  Then, I used vinyl for the yes and no.  I put adhesive magnets on the back of their names. Ta-Da!

I LOVE this video for IPick.  I made a poster that goes with the IPick rap!

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