What is a Scientist?

We've been talking about what a scientist is and what they do. I had them help me draw a scientist on the board.  I wish I had pictures...but DANG, I forgot my phone at home!  On the scientist, they drew glasses, lab coat, potions, crazy hair. It was FUNNY!  After they were finished, I told them that the picture was great, BUT that doesn't look like a scientist.  Scientists are in THIS classroom! WE ARE SCIENTISTS! :)

 I used Deanna Jump's "What do Scientist Do?"  freebie book to talk to my students about the scientific method:

And we read this book {a little advanced for first graders, but I'm good at skipping pages without them knowing}:

Afterwards, we  made ourselves into little scientists with lab coats.  This is inspired by Cara's cute little scientist craftivity.  We didn't have much time to do the whole body craftitivy, so I just made a template for the lab coat.  It worked great!

You can download the lab coat {here}!

Need some science experiments for your little scientists? Click the picture below!

DJ Inkers www.djinkers.omc
Scrappin Doodles www.scrappindoodles.com
Thistle Girls www.thistlegirldesigns.com

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