FREE fonts that I'm OBSESSED over!

Y'all know how much I love fonts!?!  And you know how much I love FREE fonts?!?!
My new OBSESSION is Kimberly Geswein Fonts. 
Well, my dreams have come true. She has named a font after our little old blog.  Do you love it? I can't wait to use it!  I love that it's easy to read, yet still bold and CUTE and FREEEEEEE!

Click the above picture to download for FREE {personal use}
 I *SERIOUSLY* love all of her fonts.
 She offers all of her fonts for FREE for personal use.  If you'd like to purchase one of her fonts for commercial use, she asks for a $5.00 donation but is on sale for  $4.00 {totally worth it}. If you'd like to buy a commercial-use license to ALL of her current fonts and ALL future fonts {she has HUNDREDS and is always coming out with more each week}, then you can buy her ultimate font license for commercial use {this was the route I went, and I don't regret it one bit}.

Check out her TpT store because she's having a 3 day sale for 20% off of her commercial use licenses! 

I'm telling you right now... her fonts are SO cute!  She's got something for everyone!  
Here are some of my favorites ....

{click each picture to download}.

So, go on.... follow her:

Kimberly's Facebook

Not sure how to install free fonts to your computer?  Kimberly has a GREAT tutorial on her website


Beach Sand and Lesson Plans said...

Oh I love fonts too! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm heading over to her TpT store right now!
Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

Kristen said...

Thanks for sharing this Rachelle--Kimberly's work looks awesome!!! I just downloaded this font (it is so What the Teacher Wants!) and grabbed a license. Thanks again! :) :)

Halle said...

I just discovered Strawberry Limeade a few days ago...actually I hunted it down after seeing in on one of Amy's units. I agree that they all rock! Love the one named after you!!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Oh we love fonts too! Yours if fabulous-nice and thick but still easy to read. Love it!

~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

Chrissy said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. These fonts are great!
First Grade Found Me

Laura said...

Sooo adorable, Rachelle!! Just like you :) Have a great Sunday! XO

Miss Kindergarten said...

Umm the key to my heart!!!

Little Wife said...

I love Kimberly's fonts, too! I used them on all my wedding stationery!!

megandw said...

I totally love her fonts too!
The KG Strawberry Limeaid is one of my faves! I also love here "Janda Scrapgirl Dots" and "Sprarkle and Shine."
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm becoming a bit font obsessed myself. I've started making some fFree Fonts too.

Surfing to Success

Kreative in Kinder said...

I love these fonts! Thanks for sharing. Fonts and clipart...yep, total addictions! :)

Deedee Wills said...

You are officially famous! Your own font! Yippee!!!

Heather's Heart said...

You would think that with over 2,220+ fonts I would be happy with what I have but now I have some new ones to add that I am already obsessed with. Thank you so much for sharing and your font is one that I am downloading. =)

Heather's Heart

Primary Paradise said...

Oh how I love fonts. Teachers are so crazy...fonts, office supplies, & clip art seem to make us so happy. I also posted a freebie tonight. Subtraction Strategy posters that go with my Addition Posters. Hope you could use them. Would love to have you take a look.

Traci Clausen said...

I LOVE her fonts soooo much. My heart is beating wildly over the new one named after your blog. So awesome! Very few things make me as happy as fonts!

School Sparks Renee said...

I consider myself a font fanatic. I love the creative ones, but am always on the lookout for fonts that do not mix upper and lower case lettering. This one named after your blog (how cute is that??!!) is fabulous. Thanks for sharing, Renee

Unknown said...

I Love me some fonts!!!!

First Grade Fanatic!

Owls and Lessons, Etc. said...

Her fonts are awesome! I've used them for lots and lots of things!!

Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

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