Holiday Writing {Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!}

I have to admit, as an upper elementary teacher {5th grade}, I get really jealous when I see all of the cute holiday related activities for all the lower grade classes. It's hard to fit in all of the regular curriculum into the school year, let alone adding in all the cute and fun ideas I see all over Pinterest. 

One great way to celebrate the holidays in the upper grades is to incorporate it into your writing instruction. Because students LOVE holidays like Halloween and Christmas, they also LOVE writing about them too. It's a good way to get those reluctant writers excited about writing. 

I have created three products that will help you integrate writing and holiday fun! 



{This is the BRAND NEW unit that I just added to TPT last night!}


I will be offering these items at a 10% discount for the next two days.
Check it out: HERE! 


Miss Lorentz said...

These writing packets look adorable! I would love to invite you to my Halloween Linky Party to share your post!

Anonymous said...

Love your thankful book!!!! I really like that they are all adaptable to different grades!

Jessica said...

As a 1/2 teacher, I too find very little time to do all the cute stuff. I've been trying to incorporate more writing into the holiday type things, too. Doing expository paragraphs on bats, descriptive paragraphs on monsters, etc. Great ideas!

What i have learned

Christine said...

Love the Thanksgiving writing pack! Thanks!!!

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