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You can download this poster {here}

In our district we use Zeno words.  In first grade, we give our students 5 sight words a week to memorize and practice at home.  Then, at school each day, we practice those words!  I LOVE my sight word chants that I got from Kathleen at Growing Kinders.  You can grab those for free {here}.  Each stick {mine are actually not on sticks, I was too lazy} has a little way for the students to practice their words. For instance, the volcano is when the students start in a squat on the floor and as they spell each letter of their sight word, they start to stand up. When they are finished with the word, they EXPLODE {jump up} and shout the word they just spelled. We do that with all 5 words each day {picking a new activity each day}.  I put them in an old Crystal Light container.

The next GREAT idea is from my sweet friend, Sarah.  She's made these awesome sight word sticker books.  The students get SO motivated to get their next sticker.  It's *PRECIOUS* how hard they will work for their stickers. A PRICELESS IDEA!

Another FABULOUS idea from Kathleen at Growing Kinders is her sight word password. We do this in my classroom and my kiddos love to "whisper" the password as they come into the classroom.  Our class VIP gets to stand at the door and take the password.  If a student doesn't know that password, our VIP can give them a clue or just tell them what it is.  I make sure to watch and see who doesn't know the password so that I can pull them back for a little intervention time or I'll just work on that word in their guided reading group.  The password is on the door all day, so they are getting a lot of practice.  The password changes each day {we have 5 words a week}. I have the sight word posted inside of the classroom as well.
After they say the password, they write it in their password books:
Clipart from DJ Inkers and used with permission from

You can download the book and password sign {here}!

I also have parents who come in and test to make sure the students know their sight words.  I use the sight word sticker books as more of a motivational tool, but you could use it as a way to track how many words they know.  I actually use a grid that my teammate Brittany made and it that looks like this:

Here's my word wall:

I store my sight words in this index card holder.  They are each labeled on the back with their week number.  So, week #1 words are all together and have a 1 on the back of them.  Clear as mud?

Welp! That's it!  I hope this has helped you out.  
Also, for more word wall/sight word activities go {HERE}


Bruce Deitrick Price said...

I don't understand.

If they learn five sight-words a week perfectly, that means that at the end of the school year they will know only 175 sight words perfectly (which doesn't happen very often).

So all these children are almost completely illiterate after a year of school. You can extrapolate upward so that they can be in the 4th grade and only know 400 or 500 words, if they can remember them all perfectly but most children hit the wall, as they say.

Meanwhile, all the phonics experts say that children will routinely learn to read doing the first grade. So how can you keep pushing Whole Word?

I'm going to quote from this webpage at some point. Perhaps you could give me a response that I can use.

This video is called "Reading is Easy."

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas, especially in helping the struggling reader. Thank you for posting!!
Sight words are another tool that experienced teachers incorporate into their guided reading lessons where phonics is taught.

Recognizing sight words automatically is said to be advantageous for beginning readers because many of these words have unusual spelling patterns, cannot be sounded out using basic phonics knowledge and cannot be represented using pictures. For example, the word "was" does not follow a usual spelling pattern, as the middle letter "a" makes an /ɒ~ʌ/ sound and the final letter "s" makes a /z/ sound, nor can the word be associated with a picture clue since it denotes an abstract state (existence).

andrea chiu said...

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Anonymous said...

Great idea...thank you!!!! Great way to work with a struggling kindergartener. Sometimes we do not know what else to try with our disheartened and struggling grandchild. This is a fun way to teach sight words.

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LouisArtuhr said...

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ZayanMalik said...

I am enjoying teaching my daughter Zeno words nowadays with my busy schedule as I have to take classes of SEO complete course having 30 plus students which little bit irritate me to make her repeat the constant five words for a whole week.

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