Seeds and Plants GALORE!

This week was full of lots of science fun!!!  We integrated some writing into this week, while learning about seeds!  
This week we've watched lots of BrainPOP Jr. videos. Seriously.... if your school doesn't have a BrainPOP subscription, they totally should (It includes BrainPop, BrainPOP Jr. and BrainPOP ESL)! They are great to use to introduce or reinforce any topic. And the best part???? If you have a subscription, you can  view all the videos on your iPad and it has the subtitles. So, I can use it for Listen to Reading during Daily 5.

We talked about how seeds spread and we read this book. I laugh every time I read the title. It just sounds so SCANDALOUS!  :)

We then made these seed flip books:

Click {here} to download the flip book

We watched the BrainPOP Jr. on soil and then we made Soil Snacks!  
I use:
Pudding (mud-button layer)
Graham Crackers (sub soil- middle layer)
Oreo (top soil- top layer)
Gummy Worm (anywhere!)

After eating our delicious Soil Snacks, we surveyed our classmates and filled out the graph:

 Then, we wrote a how-to:

Click {here} to download the Soil Snack pages

Next up, this cute craftivity from Amy!!!  I've always called mine Soil Snack, but I love the sound of Dirt Puddin'! ;) I just wish I had a cute southern accent like Amy!


FabandFunin4th! said...

What a fun week of science activities! I bet the kids enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

Michelle Griffo said...

I love all these goodies! We are doing plants next week, so this will be perfect! :)
Apples and ABC's

amy.lemons said...

And I wish I had a cute Utah-an accent like you :) Love you mucho!

Jen R said...

mmmm.... now I'm super hungry! :) I love doing these with the kiddos!

Teaching Happy Hearts said...

Love, love, love your Flip-Book, Soil Snacks, & How We just downloaded and printed. Thanks so much for sharing!!!☺

Victoria & Tricia♥

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