Reviewing the WHOLE Common Core Math!

YES! That is just what we will do the last 2-3 weeks of school (review the whole CCSS math)!  Because we don't have official standardized testing in 1st grade, I like to review the last 2 weeks of school to help my students remember what we learned and to get them ready for 2nd grade.

Here's what I've done (and it's taken me soooooooooo long to do- I even cried TWICE!!!!)... I have made a review center game for EVERY STANDARD in the 1st grade Common Core Math (some games cover multiple standards).  I know... I  am CRAZY! But, my students needed some fun ways to review and so I have been working on this for WEEKS.  This would also be a GREAT review for your 2nd graders at the beginning of next year.

There are 18 centers!
Included in this pack:
I Can Posters for each game
Common Core Alignment pages
Problem Solving Serenade {problem solving}
You’re a Star {missing addend}
Pop Star Properties {add/subtract properties}
Star-Worthy Spinners {add and subtract}
True of False {equal/not equal equations}
Pitch Perfect {missing addend}
Key Me In {counting within 120}
Number Playlists {place value}
Concert Compare {comparing numbers}
Rockin’ Mash Up {double-digit addition}
More and Less Jam Session {10 more/less}
Musical Add Up {double-digit addition with place value}
Play that Funky Music {Measuring}
Measuring Musicians {Measuring}
Time to Rock {Time}
Data, Drums, and More! {Data}
Singing and Spinning {2D and 3D}
Fraction Stage Action {fractions}

This will be on sale today and tomorrow only! Snag it while you can!
Click {here} to check it out

Leave me some love so that my tears are worthy of something. HAHA!  Who cries while making centers? I did! It was a long process, ok? Forgive me!

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