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The teacher appreciation sale over at Teachers Pay Teachers is now winding down. Only a few more hours to save up to 28% off of cute and educational resources for your classroom! 
{The sale goes until midnight in Hawaii - so there's still some time left!)

Here's one more peek at some of the items you might want to add to your shopping cart tonight!

Thanks so much and happy shopping!!

P.S. Brownie points will be awarded 
to anyone who leaves a comment 
telling us which resource you purchased
 from our stores during this sale. 


Krystal said...

I bought the substitute survival kit during a sale last year and LOVE it!! I am not very organized so it's been a great help!!

I also have Natalie's literature circle black lines (not pictured) and my 2nd graders look forward to it every time the chapter books come out in reading groups :)

Lyssat said...

I bought the rocking review! Awesome set!! Thank you for sharing your great ideas!
Lyssa :)

Amanda Pauley said...

You both have wonderful products. I wish I would have purchased that substitute survival kit. Guess I know what I can use my credits on! :)

I did buy your Ready, Set, Go Student Teacher Kit. Can't wait to use that with my student teacher in the fall.

Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

Jane said...

I bought Rachelle's bubble clip art. So cute -can't wait to use it!


Learning in the Little Apple

Anonymous said...

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Danny James said...

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