Instagram Apps

With the success of Teacher Talk Tuesday (#teachertalktuesday on Instagram), I thought I'd show you a few of my favorite apps to make my pictures unique Instagram! 

First up... you want to know how to do this?

It's one of my favorite apps called BubbleFrame.  You can even add words to your pictures, if you'd like! There are also a lot of cute backgrounds to use.

Many of you wanted to be able to show a few pictures in one Instagram post, like this:

I use the app Frametastic, but really there are tons of great apps for this one!

Sometimes, photos I take on my phone, don't quite crop or fit like I want them to, so I use Whitagram. It's a great app, too!

Whitagram basically adds a white (or colored) border to your pictures to make them crop properly. 

Head over to Apples and ABC's because Michelle has some GREAT Instagram info for you, too!!!! Love her!!!

Next week... I fill you in on my favorite photo editing apps! And in case you missed on our Facebook, how to make 2 Instagram profiles, you can click (here).
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