Narrative Writing, Charlotte's Web, and Glasses

I'm SO proud of my students' writing! They really are doing so great. I almost get teary eyed thinking about it and then I remember that even though they are ready for 2nd grade (and that makes me sad for them to not be in my class anymore).... summer break is almost here and I'm READY for that! ;) 

Yes it's the end of the year and YES we are still writing, learning, and meeting standards in the CCSS!

We read this book (because we already read Miss Nelson is Missing):

I mean... how FUNNY is this?!?!??!

Download the writing paper and pre-write page {here} and {here}

We are just about finished reading Charlotte's Web for our read-a-loud and my kiddos are OBSESSED!  They love it so much, that 3 of them checked it out of the library so they could re-read it. :) So cute!  As we've been reading, we've been talking a lot about the different characters. I have been using Abby's Charlotte's Web unit a lot, too (that's where the picture cards came from)!

Then, I had my students decide out of Charlotte or Wilber, who was their favorite character. This was a *TOUGH* decision for many students! They wrote about that character and why they were their favorite (opinion and informative). Then, they made a simple paper-plate craft.

Click {here} to download the writing paper

And I shared this on our Instagram (@whattheteacherwants) for today's #teachertalktuesday and I was worried! But... people liked my glasses! I was worried that they made me look too old. My hubby says I look "sexy". Um.. that's sweet and no you can't get out of doing the dishes just for saying that. ;)

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