Summer Bucket List - ABC Style

Summer is so close, I can almost taste it! 

I've got big plans this summer! Plans that involve taking my two sweet kiddos to new and exciting places, plans to meet up with some of my very favorite teacher-bloggers in Vegas, and plans of staying up late and sleeping in as long as possible (with two little kids, the sleeping in thing doesn't mean much... haha!).

Did I {Natalie} ever mention that I'll be moving my classroom this summer and making a pretty BIG career change as well?! 

Even though my whole heart is in 5th grade, this coming year I'll be returning next year as the K-6 computer specialist for my school!! I definitely have mixed emotions about this change, but ultimately it will be better for my family. (Less grading, less planning, less stress!) It will be a fun new adventure and I'm mostly looking forward to the challenge that this new position will bring. Plus, I have big plans for my new classroom!

Having said that.. let me present to you my 'ABC's of Summer' bucket list!

Cute rainbow scallop frame: Ashley Hughes
Rainbow letters: LittleRed

I invite you all to download my editable ABC's of Summer template and post your very own summer bucket list on your blog! Leave a comment with the link to your post here, so we can find you and see your fun plans. Also, please link your post back to this one as the original source.

YAY for summer!!
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